About Us

We are specialized in Book Publisher and Distributor, IT and Marketing Solutions for our clientele. We help small, medium and large companies to develop new marketing tools and distribution work by creating latest IT technologies such as website & mobile apps with the help of celebrities, cartoonist and popular products. Our team can handle project’s anpresenter output in short time. Â  Here are some of our popular projects JenamaX.com, exsportyhub.com, sazalisamad.com, Skoolastik Comic Dacpeaceyall Game Apps, Karnival PeaceyallFM, Android POS System Solutions and etc.

Our office located at Ukay Perdana and we hold a medium size of specialists to help you in realizing your dream. If you are appearing for any solutions for your business and you have an idea for that, let us help you to make is reality, we can help.

We seek to learn every day, in any way that we can. With an office that puts a premium on innovation and development, we are always seeking out what is new, and what will make us better.